Frugal Friday – Cheap Glasses {part 3 – bottom line}

20161027_135447-1.jpgHi Loves!  As I wrap up this 3 part post – I was curious what you’re thinking?  Good? Bad?

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and cheap it really was.  But you know I’m really a bottom line girl when it comes to any kind of review.

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Frugal Friday – Cheap Glasses pt 2 {shopping & ordering online}

After wearing the “new” pairs of glasses for a day without computer work and shopping out of town.  My eyes started to bug out.  I’m not sure if it is from the slightly stronger prescription or the less fancy lenses but – it did happen.  It was just a strain feeling that I get and rather than push my eyes, I put the old faithful pair back on! 🙂  A few minutes later and my eyes were back to normal.

That said – it took about 5 hours before that happened.  I think these are fun to treat more as an accessory.  Will they replace my super expensive ones… I’m not sure.  I want to say yes – but I’ll keep testing them.  If I can’t wear them for more than a few hours at a time, they aren’t really worth it in the end.

As far as shopping online, despite the part about not being able to actually try them on, I thought it was pretty easy.  Ordering, paying, and shipping were all within an accepted time frame.

Do I recommend you try it? – Sure, shop around and see what you like.  If you find some cheaper ones to try, spend $10-15 and try a pair.  Lastly – if you aren’t happy, contact customer service.  The service at each seems to be pretty great and they all have a guarantee that if you aren’t happy they’ll fix it or refund you.

So what do you think?  Would you consider shopping for glasses online?

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