Frugal Friday – Ibotta!

   Ibotta: Cash Savings & Coupons- screenshot     Ibotta: Cash Savings & Coupons- screenshot

Happy Friday Loves!  I ibotta…do you?! 🙂  I have to confess that I downloaded ibotta a few years ago but couldn’t get the hang of it.  Last month I did and man, am I hooked!

  • Do you coupon?
  • Do you use things like target cartwheel?
  • Do you buy groceries?

If you answered yes to any – then ibotta could be a great way to add a few extra bucks in your wallet.  I’ve used this for about a month and a half and I’ve racked up over $10.  I’ve found the trick is to use bonuses when you can but even a dollar here, or $.75 there adds up over time.  You do have to download it to your phone or tablet to use it and it is available for android and apple smartphones.

Its super easy to sign up.  Once yo’re in,  you pick the store you’re going to and browse the offers.  Click to “unlock” the offers you’d like use and go shopping.  You could also do this after you shop, but I like to do it before so I can see if I can score any great deals.  Occasionally offers are added for things that are on sale and even items that aren’t.  For instance:

  • $.25 off ANY gallon of milk
  • $.25 off ANY loose apples (buy one or two)
  • $.25 off any onions (again – buy one or more)

The better offers are on branded things such as

  • $.75 off a 20oz bottle of diet coke
  • $3.00 off nature made gummies (vitamins)
  • $1.00 off Hefty garbage bags
  • $1.00 off Suave body wash – see example to score a deal below!

There are ton’s more offered – these are just a few that I might be using.

Here’s the catch.  Sorry – with coupons you know there is always at least one.  You have to shop at stores they use.  For me, that would be Target, Walmart, HyVee, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, even Caseys (midwest convenience stores)

How do you do it?  I think it’s easier than finding the deals.  When you get home, you click verify purchases.  Scan the bar code off the item if there is one (ANY fruit & veggies typically don’t scan), when you’re done you snap a picture of your receipt for ibotta to double check and BAM!  Money to your account shortly after.

Bonuses?! Every few weeks there are opportunities to earn bonuses – the November boost (exp 11/15/16) is to redeem 10 rebates and you can earn a bonus $2.00.  You have a couple weeks to complete it, then a new one will come around.  There are also brand bonuses – such as redeem offers on 2 bottles of suave body wash and you can get a bonus $.50.  *Example* right now, you can get $1.00 off any 28oz bottle of Suave body wash, redeem that once, do it again a few days, and you could earn $2.50 back with the bonus.  Plus my favorite part – you can stack on regular coupons.  So if you found a suave body wash coupon you had, or one comes in the paper, you could also use that too!!  NOTE:  You may only redeem one offer per trip then it will reset in a few days.

When do you get your money? First off – there is a minimum of $20 to withdraw cash.  Not a big deal to me, its money that I wouldn’t have anyway.  And I’m only buying things that I normally would anyway.  Once you hit the minimum you can cash out via paypal, venmo, or buy gift cards to places like target, applebees, old navy, etc. I’m going to use the paypal option and just get a little bonus cash back every now and then.

Bottom Line:  I think this is a great app. You can download it for FREE.  Use it as much or as little as you’d like.  Since I like to stack offers, one that I like to do is use target.  Target will have something on sale, it will have a cartwheel offer, I’ll be able to print a manufacturer coupon, AND I’ll have an ibotta rebate!

I did that recently on kashi granola bars.  Target had them on sale for 2/$5.00 – then there was a cartwheel offer for like 30% off I think, a manufacturer coupon for $1.00 off one, and an ibotta offer for $1.00 rebate on one.  I only bought one box and it cost me around $.75 when its all said and done.  Keep in mind that ibotta rebates are not instant but still $1.75 for a box of kashi granola bars is pretty decent if you eat them like I do.  Plus I was back a week later, the offers were still good, so I did it again.  I ended up earning $2.00 on ibotta, and I think a $.50 bonus.

If you’re interested – click through this link ( Ibotta ) – it is a referral link, so I understand not everyone likes to use them but if you do, I get a little bonus and if you refer your friends you will too!

Have a great day everyone!

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