GL Gets Fit #119 {still dragging}

You can lose weight and keep it off if you follow these 10 tips!: Hi Loves!  Yes… I’m still dragging along. Not that its an excuse but this past week I found out that I have an infection, and that could be why I’m so dang tired and dragging!  From the sound of it – I’ve had it for a couple weeks before I went to the doctor.  I’m slowly starting to feel better – one pill at a time!

This past week I really tried to focus on eating smarter.  Instead of eating sugary cereal for breakfast, I am back to steel cut oatmeal and fresh fruit along with a glass of milk mixed with breakfast essentials.  Now…I know some of you will be negative about drinking that.  But I like carnation breakfast essentials and it gives me much needed vitamins & minerals that I probably don’t get enough of.  Until I get a better handle on things food wise, it works.

I didn’t hardly work out but I did increase my steps a bit so I’ll take that instead.  Mainly, lots of rest and fluids for me.  As far as my weigh in goes.  I stayed exactly the same.  Since I feel like ass – I’ll take that too! 🙂

This week is another crazy one for me with a couple events on Friday & Saturday but I’m hoping to stay eating smart and increasing my steps.

I hope next week I have better news to share! 🙂

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