GL Gets Fit #120 {Thanksgiving!}

Choose to Be Grateful - Fall Floral Print - Thanksgiving Print - Hand lettering: Happy Thanksgiving!  Ok, I know Thanksgiving isn’t until Thursday but I’m telling you a couple days early!

I spent the past week catching up on rest – however… I slacked on working out again.  I think I still have my infection lingering around, however, I’m going to have a followup appointment on Friday just to check on things.  I’m not a fan of antibiotics but some times they are a necessary evil.

I also gained half a pound or so.  Rather than make plans exercise or drop pounds on a travel and food filled week, lets just enjoy things in moderation this week.  Weather permitting I would like to get a walk or two in and do a little shopping this weekend.  That’s my only plan for this week.

Take a moment to also appreciate where you are and what you have.  Its easy to dwell on the things we want or the things we can’t have.  Pause, look around, and soak in the present moment.  It might surprise you at how perfectly simple that moment is.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving loves!

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