Frugal Friday { NO BUY January }

#truth Hi Loves, technically this is going up on Saturday.  I had a crazy week at work with year end accounting and inventory.  I simply did not get this post written in time!

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Since today is the last day of 2016 – I wanted to share with you what I plan on doing for the first month of 2017.  I plan on doing a no-buy month.  I’ve grown to love the challenge of a no buy month.  However – I’m going shopping Monday.  Well, browsing for some super post-Christmas deals.  I’m allowing myself an allowance of $25.  That is only if I find something that I want to get after the holidays.  There’s an good chance that I may buy nothing.

As a refresher.  During a no-buy month here are my rules.  If you do a no-buy month, you may change them up to suit your needs.

  1.  Money may only be spent on groceries and gas.
  2. I’m not allowed to buy anything for myself starting January 3, 2017 – January 31, 2017.
  3. I’m allowing myself $25 to spend January 1-2, 2017

Frugal Friday’s will be picking up again in the new year now that we will be through the holidays.  I have been reading a wonderful finance book that has been an easy and inspiring read.  I’ll share my thoughts on it after I finish it up.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day!

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