GL Gets Fit #126 {intention}

yogaeverydamnday yoga yogi yogini yogaeveryday tumblr yoginis namaste yogisofinstagram medit: Hi Loves!  I’m two days into my 31 day yoga challenge.  Day 1 was about ease and easing into taking care of yourself.  Day 2 was about practicing with intention.  I like to set intentions when I start a yoga practice.

You don’t have to, but I find that it helps me.  My intention yesterday was to let go of things that I can not control and “try” to focus just on the things that I can control.  This will be much easier said than done for me.  However, one of my favorite parts of yoga is the ability to help untangle my mind.  It doesn’t work for everyone but if it helps, why not use it.

Day two had me struggling a bit more since it has literally been months since I’ve done yoga.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I fell off the workout and yoga wagon.  I was explaining recently to someone that yoga is good for me mentally and physically.  Lately my mind has been full of a lot of things.   Good and bad.  Yoga helps me push pause and then go back to each of those things and try to figure out how to resolve them.

Yesterday’s practice also found me waking up with some tight spots in my shoulders and legs today but its also a great feeling.  I know I’m working some areas that have been neglected for far too long.  I also need to say for today’s weigh in, I didn’t gain or lose.  Since I indulged in some final holiday treats and worked long hours for year end accounting at work, I’m going to take it as it is.  Here’s to a full week of yoga and maybe a bit more better eating.

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