GL Gets Fit #127 {a dancer… sorta!}

Dancer's pose.    Love doing this in my kitchen while making dinner after a long day at work.: Hi Loves!  I have completed 9 days of my yoga revolution challenge AND I was able to hold dancer pose.  Granted… my back leg was not that high but I was able to reach my foot and have one arm forward so I’m going to celebrate this victory! 

I also have to admit that I missed one day.  So technically I’ve done 8 of 9 days of yoga so far.  I was out of town Friday night visiting one of my best friends.  I skipped over day 6 and picked up Saturday with day 7.  I will say last night’s day 9 was probably the hardest yet.  We did a flow that had you laying on your stomach, then up to a plank, then to a down dog, then to a 3 legged dog and into a low lunge. My arms were total jello last night after moving through at least 2 on each side…maybe more.  It’s blurring together! 🙂

After just over a week of yoga for 8 of 9 days – I’m finding myself standing taller again. (Or at least I feel like I am!)  I’m moving into stretches and moves that are loosening up tight spots and feeling better mentally throughout my day.  That might sound silly.  Some how yoga sort of clears a lot of clutter in my brain.  Some times my mind is racing on lots of random things.  This helps move clean out some things that I cannot control and stay more focused on the things that I need to and can fix.

However – I’ve been eating a lot of “bad” foods.  I bought cinnamon rolls, had french bread, pizza, nachos, and a couple cupcakes in the past week.  But this is real life so I’m going to say that I gained 1.5 lbs.  Two weeks in a row of gaining BUT also over a week of dong yoga every day so I’m going to focus on that side of this! 🙂

Until next week friends I hope this finds you warm and well.  I can’t wait to share with you another fun pose that I’ll do this week.  Have a wonderful day!

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