GL Gets Fit #129 {standing pigeons!}

<a class="pintag" href="/explore/yoga/" title="#yoga explore Pinterest">#yoga</a> <a class="pintag" href="/explore/yogainspiration/" title="#yogainspiration explore Pinterest">#yogainspiration</a>Hi Loves!  So I’ve come to the conclusion that in 31 days of yoga, I need one day off a week.  I don’t have the discipline to do it non-stop. That and life seems to interfere every now and then.

I did 6 out of 7 days and usually my day off falls on a weekend where I tend to stack a bunch of things that I need to get done.  I do plan on picking up the days I’ve skipped when I get thru the month just to say I did every practice in her 31 days.  I’ll let you know in Feb how those go! 🙂 A week from today will by my last day of the 31 days of yoga challenge. I’m a bit sad to see another end in sight.  However, I might pick up one of her previous ones to do in Feb.

This week I found that I’m able to transition better between some of her core moves.  For example – laying on your stomach, then up to plank in one move, then up into down dog, then to 3 legged dog then into to a low lunge.  Twenty-three days ago, this was impossible.  Today – its not pretty but I’m able to keep it in a flow with angry, sharking arms and all!  According to Adriene thats where the muscle building magic happens. (I’m still trying to believe her!)

Something that I’ve learned over time in doing yoga is when you try a pose for the first time, if its beginner or more intermediate, it will kick your ass. (Or it does mine!)  Then after trying randomly, one day it clicks.  Your body moves to where you want it to without much of a fight.  Those days make me happy.  Those days I see myself making progress.  Transforming into a better mind and body.  The other kicker to yoga for me.  I have to clear my mind to hold these poses.  Some days its harder than others – but once I can shut my brain off I feel like I can hold almost anything.

The feel good moment this week.  One night after yoga I was thinking dang… my arm feels less flabby.  Ok, if you know me very well you know this story.  You know that my upper arms have been one of the body parts I hate.  Literally hate.  I hate my bat wings.  That goes back to high school.  I decided back then that if I was stuck with big arms, they might as well be muscular.  Fast forward 16 years and they are getting back to being more toned than they might have been back then.  I also noticed my monster thighs are getting more tone. Yay!  There again, if you have a “thick” body… it might as well be pretty solid!

The move of the week that I enjoyed was standing pigeon shown below.  It focuses a lot on your core, you have to pull it all together from your core out to hold balance without toppling over.  Does mine look like that?  Um… I wish!   I choose to share a picture where you can actually see how a move looks.  Until next week loves, have a wonderful day!

Love Bob & love yoga! Great variation of standing pigeon. Stretches the outer left hip (in this case) and works right thigh and glute. Great before tree pose or utthita eka pada hastapadangustasana.:

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