GL Gets Fit #130 {camels!}


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Hi Loves!  Another week of my yoga challenge is in the books and I have one day left.  Today!  So far this yoga revolution has been refreshing and challenging.  

I picked this week’s quote because its true.  I’m not calm.  If you know me personally, you know that calm is usually the farthest thing from me!  However I will say that in the past two weeks we’ve had some pretty nasty winter weather.  Winter weather makes my anxiety spike off the charts.  (Two car accidents on icy roads…)

Yoga helped me keep things in check and put myself in a better place to handle driving a few miles in nasty icy or snowy roads.  I do have to confess something.  Last night was hard.  I had a bad mood when I left work.  It wasn’t my fault but I was still kind of drug into the mess.  When I got home from work, yoga was the last thing on my mind.  My mind was swimming with frustrated and angry feelings.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in a funk like that.  Boxing sounded more appealing than yoga did but I knew I had to do yoga.  Ok.. I don’t have to do anything.  But I knew I needed to do it to stay on track to finish my challenge strong.

I put on cute yoga pants, my wine shirt, rolled out my mat and thought ok, lets do this.  Then the yoga practice wouldn’t play ! 😦 I was at my wits end and ready to call it quits but got it to start.  It was a 30 minute practice and for the first 15 minutes, my head was still swimming.  I just couldn’t shut it off.  Finally we get into some 3 legged dogs and did several moves on each side.  That pose requires focus for me and I was able to mute my brain.  By the time I got thru yoga I was toast.  The bad mood was kicked but I was just drained.  I had nothing left.   Its weird how some days a bad mood just sucks the life out of you.  I can tell you that yoga kicked that bad mood to the curb and helped me move past drama much faster.  Plus at the end of the practice I had jello arms!  That’s where muscles are made right?! 🙂

This week I do have some good news to share.  I lost 1.5 lbs!  It was nice to see it drop instead of stay the same or go up!  I think I’m going to keep doing yoga in February.  Maybe 5-6 days a week if possible.  I forgot how much better I feel doing it on a regular basis again.  This week’s featured pose that I was able to hold was camel pose!  It doesn’t look hard, but my thighs are tight from sitting at a desk all the time.  It was a nice, slightly intense feeling for me and I LOVE it!

This week’s post was a bit rambling – but some days I just need to ramble on for a bit.  Next week I’ll let you know overall what I thought of the yoga revolution!



Camel yoga pose strengthens the gluteal, arm and back muscles:

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