GL Gets Fit #131 {yoga revolution}

#yoga #yogainspiration: Hi Loves!  This week’s quote is so true!  After doing a month of yoga almost non-stop, I was reminded of a few things.

I went from doing yoga 6-7 days a week to taking a full week off.  What did I notice?  Anything?  Keep reading to find out! 

Upon taking a week break to celebrate a birthday and spend the weekend with family my anxiety and nerves also kicked in to overdrive.  I found myself emotionally on edge a lot.  Like almost every day.  I was frustrated, angry, anxious, happy, sad, etc.  Its kind of exhausting to run that range of emotions in the past week, often times in the same day.  I also experienced the loss of an acquaintance which probably didn’t help matters any.

I know after doing yoga, I’m able to quiet my mind.  When I don’t do yoga I’m drained.    One might think that doing yoga would drain me, and it does in a good way.  Not doing yoga drains me mentally not physically.  I’d rather be at peace mentally and exhausted than wide awake but mentally fried.

So  January’s yoga revolution reaffirmed my need to do yoga.  Not to say I can’t mix in other forms of exercise but mentally I NEED yoga.  I said a couple years ago when I started into yoga that I didn’t want to resort to medication to treat anxiety.  This past week of feeling on the edge made me realize that it would be easy for some to take a pill and step away from that edge.  I will some day if I cannot treat this on my own but until then, yoga is my medicine.  The feeling better, healthier, leaner are all by products of that and happy little perks.

Lastly – I didn’t gain or lose weight this week.  Considering I was surrounded with delicious foods, I’m going to celebrate this tiny victory.  I’m also going to do yoga tonight.  It will be long day and night but I need to quiet my mind since last night I got terrible sleep.

Until next week loves, have a wonderful day.


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