Frugal Friday’s – No Spend January…fail

Where does all my money go? It's like hocus pocus I'm brokus.: Hi Loves!  I attempted to do a no buy in January.  Well… I didn’t get too crazy but I also didn’t succeed.  I ended up picking up a few things here and there.  Mainly getting ready for a semi-formal weekend out of town and just not being disciplined.  Look it happens.  We’re human.

How do we move forward.  This month (February) I set an intention that I shouldn’t buy anything from certain stores.  My weaknesses are: JCP, Kohls, Yonkers, Sephora, and Ulta.  Those are the stores I’m attempting to stay away from this month.  While the temptation is real some days – I’m just resisting even looking.  I have plenty of clothes for the moment.  I have plenty of makeup and skincare items, and plenty of handbags and shoes.  I’ll be okay for 28 days. (In theory…) 🙂

I don’t like to use the word “can’t” because I feel like it sets me up to fail when I say I “can’t” do something.  So rather, I’m saying – I shouldn’t buy anything.  Hopefully I will be able to resist the temptation.

I’m half-thru and so far, no purchases. YES…one very close moment of weakness but I closed the window before I hit “buy”.  It was a super cute handbag but seriously… I don’t need any more of them!  In fact I need to sell a few of them.

What stores are your weakness? Do you have one that always gets you?

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