GL Gets Fit #134 {stressed}

Best 45 Quotes For Stress Relief | Quotations and Quotes: Hi Loves!  Ok so this past week has been craziness and I’m pretty sure I have a sinus infection. Or at least sinus pressure that has been causing a headache by my eye for at least the past 5 days.  It comes and goes but never really dies!

I had great intentions a week ago, and then it started to fall apart!  Feeling crummy and tired tends to trump all things regardless of their importance!

Can you believe that February is nearly over?!  Like today is the last day!!  Holy cow, this month has flown by.  Since I’ve been traveling and feeling crummy – February was a lazy month fitness wise, and my steady weight has shown that.

Today – I’m setting an intention for tomorrow March 1.  I’m going to do 30 days of yoga in March.  I also stumbled across a 30 day journaling challenge that looks really interesting.  I’ll put it below if you’d like to join me.  I’ve know most of my adult life that I’m a stress eater.  Rather than write paragraphs – I’m going to make a note every day.  It might be on scratch paper, it might be on my phone, but every day I’ll answer the prompt. If I want to write a page – so be it.  If I want to write a sentence – that’s okay too.  I think at the end, it could be really interesting and insightful. We shall see! 🙂

Now that I’ve confessed my intentions for March – I have been the same weight for 3 weeks.  That’s not bad, but I’d like to see that number go down.  I’ve been eating smarter in the past week so hopefully next week reflects that as well as a few days of yoga.  I’m allowing myself one day off a week if I need it or scheduling doesn’t allow me to get it done.  See the 30 day journal challenge below, and let me know what you think of it.

Have a wonderful week!

FREE DOWNLOAD: 30 Day Emotional Eating Journal Challenge:


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