GL Gets Fit #135 {old habits die hard}

Motivational Inspiring Quote Wall Decal "I Don't Stop When I'm Tired. I Stop When I'm Done" 35x17 InchesHi my loves!  Old habits die hard.  Really hard! Keep reading to learn how the past week has gone.

First off, I need to confess something to you.  My March intentions are a total fail.  I know, its only the 7th and I’ve already compromised them!

Here’s my issue for the past couple weeks.  While I intend on working out, getting at least 5000 steps a day, journalling, and eating better – I’ve done none of it since March 2.  2 Days!  So what’s my problem?

Let me tell you!  You know that I work full time – an 8-5(ish) office job.  I also work a part time job that had me out of town for training most of Saturday.  Sunday I was out of town for a charity event all day.  During the week – after 5:30pm or so, I put 2-3.5 hours in on organizing a pretty big family event that is coming up this summer.  Since there are a couple hundred guests involved, there is a lot of planning.  Without getting in to a ton of detail that doesn’t matter – I’m tired.  Imagine being on a computer pretty much non-stop from 8am-9pm for over a week straight and I’m not done yet.  Once I get my current tasks completed for the event I’ll be able to back off computer work and just observe.  I’m having guests sign up online, and sell merchandise online which has been my project for weeks now.  This week I am putting on the finishing touches on the sites and then I can sort of ease back and watch the fruits of my labor roll in!  (Theoretically – but if you know me personally – you know I’m not good at sitting still!)

I’m not sharing to make people feel sorry for me. I’m sharing – because this is real life.  Life is messy, complicated, and difficult at times.  I can’t imaging adding a kid or two into this mix.  I would imagine that if I had kids, I probably wouldn’t be heading this event!  I’m sharing also as a reminder to my future self that I’m dragging.  I’ve been dragging for a couple weeks and while I can see a temporary end in sight – it’s not here yet.

Also if you know me, you know that I like a challenge.  First off – can I pull off a killer event? Streamline things, take it into the future, and embrace technology such as doing a majority of it online?  With over 300 guests scattered across the country it’s a challenge that I want to try.  Did I know what I was getting into – yes.  Did I remember at the time that I obsess over details? Yep.  I’m taking over from someone who did it for over 30 years so there are giant shoes to fill and I’m adding my own spin to things.  Mainly I hope to continue the legacy that has been created and maybe make couple things better.

All of that said – I did gain 2 pounds.  Here’s what happens.  I don’t quit when I’m dragging.  I keep going.  You know the phrase – sleep when you’re dead.  Yep. That’s me when I’m on a mission.  When I’m tired and dragging – I reach for sweets, salty things, and nothing healthy.  I look for a quick fix and that’s it.

This week I’m going back to fruit and an attempt to eat a little better.  No more eating out this month – I’ve ate out 5 meals in the past 7 days.  Here’s to hoping that I can keep on track and next week I can share some good news with you!

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