GL Gets Fit #136 {soul}

Beauty Is Only Skin It's What's Inside That Truly MattersHi Loves – this past week has been a roller coaster.  The highs, the lows, and the WTF moments have left me speechless.

This past week I untangled a couple messes regarding last week’s post but also was just handed another.  Do you remember going to your jewelry box to grab your favorite necklace and its a huge knot with 12 other necklaces?  That’s what I feel like I was handed.  The analytical side of me wants to diligently work the knot until all the parts are untangled and put away nicely.  The logical side says that will take a lot of time and patience that I do not have!

This quote reminded me of another experience of the week.  If we looked at someone’s soul, would our picture of them change?  Maybe. Maybe not. I struggle daily – as I’m sure some of you do- with how I look.  This part is pudgy, that part too squishy, this needs more tone, etc.  Will I ever be happy with my body? Probably not! But my soul is different.  I’d like to think it’s complex, and beautiful. 🙂

I hold a lot of compassion for people and animals.  I don’t like seeing either get hurt. (Don’t get all animal rights on me – I’m not for the torture of them.)  I grew up hunting and fishing and frequently did both.  I’m protective of my friends and family and will fight for them, often times without thought.  I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.  I’m thankful for sacrifices that people make, for their family, for each other, for society, for America.  If you look at someone you just met – you don’t know what is in their soul.  What makes them go.  Is it being a good parent?  Being a good person?  Think about what makes up your own soul.

I’m guarded because early in my life I was too easy to trust but that also makes me a stronger fighter for those I do let in.  Those I let in are loved fiercely, protected, and know I would do anything for them.  Rather than write about eating better, exercising more, etc – I chose to write about what I do like in myself.  What is something in your soul that you love?

To wrap up this week of deep thoughts – I lost just a smidge over 2 pounds.  Maybe it’s alright to focus on the good things every now and then.  Until next week loves – have a wonderful day.

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