GL Gets Fit #140 {I did it…sorta…}

Stay motivated with your weight loss plan or workout routine with these 24 popular quotes and sayings. | Happy Tuesday Loves!!  I did complete my goal for last week except for the last day.  A couple weeks ago, I found a challenge that had me gradually increase my steps daily until you hit 10,000.

I started it, but failed.  A week later I picked it up again.  I made it to the second to last day with flying colors and then the last day I was feverish, tired, achy, and chose rest over completing my goal.  I felt like I hadn’t slept in weeks.

I’m considering this a success.  I spent most of Sunday (the last day) resting and sleeping so it’s not like I didn’t complete it because I was lazy.  I was in bed trying to feel better!   I think I might hunt for a new challenge to pick up.  I’m also getting a grasp on balancing work, a part time job, and other things I have going on.

I liked this quote.  Some exercise is better than none at all. 🙂  I gradually increased my steps daily to hit 9000+ on the last day but then I was fried.  It might seem easy to some but when you spent 8+ hours a day at a desk in an office, it’s harder than you might think.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a delightful Easter holiday.  I’ll be spending mine with family and I’m looking forward to disconnecting for a day or so. Until next week – take care friends.

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