GL Gets Fit #145 {perspective}

Top 50 best Inspirational quotes that every girl should know…: Hi Loves!  This morning was a bitter pill to swallow.  My weigh in had me bummed as I gained a bit.  But the curious side of me wondered where I was this week last year.

A year ago I weighed 13 pounds less.  Wow. That’s hard to type.  Today I decided it’s time to get real.  A gain, a lost, doesn’t mean as much but when you look at the big picture that’s a rough number to look at.  To know I had made progress and then I gained it back slowly over time.  I realize that 13 pounds isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s still a number I worked hard towards and its a bit depressing to know that I could do it but couldn’t maintain it.

So what does this mean to me?  Well it’s a goal I guess.  A goal to lose that before the end of June would be nice but just to lose it and get back to that number again would be amazing.  I’m not really into setting deadlines so instead, I’m just going to work towards that.  Step away from the chocolate! And chips, and dips, etc.  (I can’t promise I’ll walk away but… I’ll try!)

I always think of every weekly post as a new chapter to this book of mine and I can keep adding to the previous chapter or start a new one.  I’d like to start a new one.  I’ll let you know how that goes next week. 🙂

How about a little bit of good news?  I completed 12 days (non-stop) of my 31 day challenge and took the weekend off since I was traveling and working.  But I picked up where I left off last night.  Technically I’m on day 14 instead of 16 but I like drawing a giant X in each day when I complete it.

So while I did gain a pound, looking back at last year’s numbers helped me put things back in perspective.  I need to get back into moving daily, finishing my daily challenges, and just not eating as much junk.

This spring has been stressful for me in planning a giant event, 2 jobs, and a little side hustle.  While that’s not an excuse, I need to work on that work/life balance again and get things back into a healthier groove.

Until next week – I hope you have a good one!  I hope to have a good update on starting this new chapter of my book. 🙂

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