GL Gets Fit #146 {stressed to the max}

Are you an emotional eater. We share practical tips to help you overcome emotional and stress eating. #emotional #eating #stress: Hello loves!  So this past week I was super stressed.  I had been gaining weight, I was eating bad things, and I was stress (emotional) eating.

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m a stress eater.  If I don’t eat when I’m stressed, I shop.  Both aren’t very good for me! 😀  Last week I did some of both. 

I completed 17 days of the 31 day challenge I set up for myself in May.  I hit pause…well actually I stopped.  Lets be real.  When I’m stressed my emotions are all over the place, tack on working more than one job, planning a huge family weekend that is 4.5 weeks ANDDDD…. I’m fried.  Here’s what happens to me. I hold things in, let them fester, and then at a certain point I break.  I try to do everything on my own until I can’t hold any more and then fall apart.  I’m going to be honest for a minute.  Sunday found me in tears more than once. Like ugly tears.  I was feeling like I’m failing at multiple things and failing people I care about.  I recognized that that moment is my anxiety.  Yep, it’s still here just waiting for the moment where it will attack!

Sunday night I took a moment to myself.  I realized, I’m tired because I can’t relax enough to get decent sleep.  I’m frazzled because I’m not sleeping well.  I eat to stay awake or fend off emotions.  Its a bad cycle that just keeps going and going.

I decided yesterday to go back to what I know works.  I did yoga last night.  It was glorious, difficult, and refreshing.  I’ve lost flexibility that I had but I know I can get it back.  I’m so tight in my back, shoulders, and legs that holding some of my favorite poses were a bit painful.  But I would just slowly work through it.  For 30 minutes last night, I was able to hit mute on my brain.  I needed that.  My intention is do yoga daily Mon-Thurs.  Friday-Mon will be a crazy weekend but hopefully I can keep up with things!

Oh and I lost nearly a pound – .8 to be exact.  It’s not a gain and I’m happy with that.  I’m also going to do my measurements this week.  This is more of a mid-May reset.  It’s time to start taking care of myself again.

Some days I wish I was one of those people who can’t eat when I’m stressed!! I’d be a lot skinnier! 🙂  Have a wonderful day and a wonderful holiday weekend!

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