GL Gets Fit #148 {back to normal…ish..}

GREAT reminder!! Slow progress is better than no progress!:

I’ve used this quote before, but its a good one.  Now that we’re past Memorial Day and a weekend packed full on non-stop things.  Last week life sort of went back to normal.

I’m back to tracking meals to see where my calories are coming from.  I’m trying to not reach for sweets.  The struggle is hard some days but I’m working on it!

I didn’t really work out much last week but I did quite a bit of moving in my daily activities so I’ll go with that for now!  I’m down half a pound from last week’s weigh in and I hope to keep moving in that direction.  I’m also juggling several things and cannot wait for the month of June to be over.  I’ll have a ton of weight lifted off my shoulders and look forward to enjoying the second half of summer!

Until next week friends – have a great day!

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