GL Gets Fit #150 {one more week}

Yes I am, I have survived worse... Everything happens for a reason, just wait for it! loves!  Whew, can you believe today is the first day of summer!?! I’m loving the nice warm weather and sunshine.  However, I’ve been running like a crazy lady since spring planning this monster event which is happening this weekend!!  It will be bittersweet to have it behind me, but also I hope I’m able to enjoy some of it!

I realized just now that I am closing in on the 3 year mark of GL Gets Fit.  Crazy – this journey has been full of ups and downs.  As I realize this, I’m still a lighter than the day that this went into motion on June 26, 2014.  That part makes me happy but this month has been crazy stressful for me and busy.  Stress makes me reach for food.  I know yoga would be better but in a pinch – I’m just trying to keep my head above water for one more week!  As far as an update, I gained half a pound last week.

On the brighter side, I spent the weekend with some of my oldest and best girl friends.  Loads of laughing, catching up with family, and sharing our favorite memories.  That was much needed.  Every now and then, I have to just go back to my roots.  I need to go back to being that small town girl I was in high school when the world was in front of us and we had every plan to conquer it.  We’ve all succeeded in our own ways.  Maybe life didn’t always give us what we wanted but we all are successful and happy and that is the best outcome in my opinion.  Plus, no matter how far apart we get, or how long we wait in between conversations – we can pick up right where we left off.  That makes my heart happy.  And on that note, I’m wrapping up this post.

Next week one of the biggest, most challenging, things I’ve ever tried in my life (so far) will be behind me.  Lets hope its successful! xo

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