GL Gets Fit #152 {sickly 4th}


LOL!  Seriously...I have had the flu for 3 days and then I see this pin! Damn it!

Happy 4th of July!!  I hope you are having  a wonderful day off.  I am! 🙂  Well sort of.  The nasty head cold and cough is still hanging on and it’s been over a week that I’ve been sick.

I’ve spent the past week getting plenty of rest, drinking tons of fluids, and trying to get over this darn cold.

The good news.  I’m down 3 pounds since last week.  Partly, I blame the finicky sore throat that makes me second guess anything I eat.  Some spicier food, or even my toothpaste (WTF?) makes me start coughing.  I’m wondering if combined with a head cold is some acid reflux since most of the time my cough is dry.  Do you ever have heart burn, acid reflux, or GERD?  What works for you?  Nexium works the best for me, so that’s what I’m adding into my routine.  I’m curious because I have had issues with GERD like symptoms it in the past.

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing week friends! xo

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