GL Gets Fit #155 {anxiety}

19 Inspirational Quotes For When Anxiety Feels Overwhelming | YourTango

Hi Loves,

After last week’s post about being anxious and having a meltdown, I realize some times you have to hit rock bottom to realize, you can stay there or go back up.  I’m trying to come back up.  I don’t want to stay there.

That’s when I started to seriously talk to those close to me about my anxiety.  I don’t think they always realize that it will probably always be a part of me.  Nor do they realize how difficult it can be at times.  This week’s quote is pretty true for me.  In fact this morning, I was awake at 4 am – I woke up to use the bathroom (TMI?) but then my brain woke up and said – hey lets talk…. well think.  I tossed and turned until after 5, and then when my alarm woke me up before 7 it took all I had to wake up.

This series on my blog has been about getting better.  Getting fit for me is also getting better across the board.  Does it mean losing weight? Does it mean feeling better?  Exercise of some sort seems to help my anxiety.  Yoga quiets my mind, but even walking or some other activity is also good for me.  This past week I did yoga – and also attended two concerts with friends.  It was wonderful however the second day I was feeling anxious.  Why? Who knows…. once at the concert it calmed down a bit but being jumbled in crowds makes me anxious.  I’m working through it and try to convince myself that eventually I’ll be able to make it with out any problems.

So – in true GL gets fit fashion – a weight update.  I lost another pound.  Its still progress but I find myself reaching for sweets more often lately or craving them.  I think that may also be a part of my anxiety.

Here’s hoping for another week of progress.  Progress of any kind is a good thing and I’m trying to stay positive on this one! 🙂 xo

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