GL Gets Fit #157 {I did it!}

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Hi Loves!

Last week, I set an intention to work out 3 days.  I did.  Thursday, Saturday, and yesterday.  Since I write posts on Tuesday mornings, I figure that Monday is still part of last week! 🙂

This week – I’m keeping my goal of 3 workouts but would really like to add on one more day.  Last night was probably my most productive day.  I did 35 minutes of beginner yoga, and then 20 minutes of walking around my neighborhood at a moderate pace.

During my yoga practice I found just how tight my muscles have become.  Some of my favorite moves now have a bit less flexibility but I’m looking forward to getting that back.  Plus last night – I slept the best I have in weeks.  Maybe there is something to this working out after all! 🙂

In the past week I also lost nearly 2 lbs. (Okay… 1.8) So I’m ending this post on a positive note and looking forward to yoga again tonight.  I may also go for another walk.  But I’m just taking this adventure one day, one step, at a time.  Have a great week loves! xo

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