GL Gets Fit #159 {its my day!!}

I suppose you can tell that I AM SO ECSTATIC!~LoL Happy Birthday to me! :)

Hi Loves!!  Today – I am officially 34.  Last weekend I indulged ate a couple cupcakes and baked so… I gained 2lbs.  Lets just get the downer out of the way first!

I did meet my goal tho – and worked out 4 times.  It was really good, and while I loved that feeling I had last week of seeing a new number, I know I’ll get them back off this week.  After today – of course. 🙂 

Today – I’m going to be smart about eating, but I’m also not going to be super duper strict.  Its my freaking birthday y’all!! 🙂

This year has been… interesting.  Full of stress, major accomplishments, and love.  While I have no clue where number 34 is headed, today, I’m happy.  Smiling, and looking forward to this glorious day.  This week – I’m going to continue my goal of working out for 3 days – but shooting for more than that.

Until next week – have a wonderful week!

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