No Spendtember is Back!!

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It’s time for a no-buy month.  First of all, my spending in August got a bit crazy with birthday coupons and discounts.

In September, it’s time to reel it in.  I do have a girls day planned, but that should cost less than $30 and I’ll set the money aside before September starts.

No buy months can be hard but also rewarding to see if you can actually successfully do it.

In September – I cannot buy:

clothing, makeup, toiletries, books, magazines, movies… those are the big offenders.

In September – I can buy:

groceries & gas 🙂

Have you done no buy months?  What’s your trick to get thru it?

One thought on “No Spendtember is Back!!

  1. Selena Hannah says:

    Honestly, I don’t have a ton of spending money, so I don’t spend it. Living paycheck to paycheck can have it’s perks. But I’m up for a promotion that will double my salary when there is a position available or money in the budget. When that happens, my goal is to save for a house. If you have goals, I think you tend to spend less.

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