GL Gets Fit #160 {warriors}

How cool! Never thought of this from this perspectiveHi Loves!  So in the last week I did 6 days of yoga!  SIX! 🙂  Sunday I did a face paced weight loss session that was 60 minutes.  Whew… I was dragging after that one! But, I didn’t quit.  Then I ate Mexian food! 🙂

Lunges are so hard and frustrating for me, mostly because I have a tummy and a chest! 🙂  But with blocks they are doable and I’m finding them a tiny bit easier.  I’m finding that I’m starting to loosen up.  My back and legs aren’t as tight as they were a month ago and mentally, I’m doing much better.

I thought of a great analogy.  When I’m anxious its like when you’re really dirty.  (Just picture it..go with me on this…)  Like you were outside gardening or something and you’re just covered in dirt, grass, etc.  Then you take a shower and it all washes off.  You’re clean and feel refreshed.  That’s what yoga feels like to my brain.  Just wash it away… metaphorically! 🙂

Warrior poses are some of my favorite because I have thighs and thats where they get to shine.  You need to lock your legs in to hold the pose and engage your thighs.  Here’s warrior 1 & 2 if you aren’t familiar with them! I love transitioning between 1 and 2.  I feel powerful and graceful.  (Although I’m not sure if I look powerful & graceful!)

Lastly – I stepped up yoga, but I ate delicious food and gained a pound. 😦  Maybe it’s muscle.  I think the first of September I’m going to do my measurements and start tracking those monthly again.  I’m still 4lbs less than my high in July so I’m hoping to get that back under control.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

Love these infographics! Sometimes it's easy to forget to focus on what you are feeling when you're just getting started, so building your poses based on what you feel is extremely helpful.

Anatomy of "Warrior II"

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