GL Gets Fit #161 {busy week}

I Bend So I Don't Break Digital Art Printable by LotusAve on Etsy

Hi Loves!

This week was crazy.  I was busy Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and out of town Sat-Mon.  That said – I went from a week of 6 yoga days to one.  While I’m a little disappointed in myself, I knew the week would be nuts.  However when I returned home last night after the holiday weekend – I did a 37 minute yoga flow for weight loss that had me tuckered out!  The end of the practice focused on ab work.  I don’t know if you know this…but I have no abs! 😀  What I had, was not happy when I was done but I was able to complete it and felt great after.

I tried to control my eating a bit but also didn’t stop myself from enjoying a few of my favorites here & there! Lets be real, it was a long weekend with family and I was indulging on some delicious and occasionally healthy foods! 🙂

I’m going to set an intention for 3 days of yoga this week with the hopes of doing more.  Last night in the yoga practice Adrienne said – yoga quiets the mind.  I don’t know how it works but that’s exactly what I get from yoga.  While I was dragging my feet to do yoga – I did it, felt great and a bit sore after.  I was also able to mute my mind for half an hour and just focus on the present moment and my time on the mat.  Some times hitting pause and focusing on there here and now is just what I need the most.

I also credit last week’s yoga to putting me in a better frame of mind to handle a busy week.  Rather than getting flustered, I just sort of rolled with the punches and guess what? I survived and didn’t lose my shit on anyone! 😀

To wrap up this post – I did lose half a pound.  I’m still a pound and half from my low about a month ago but I’ll get back there and hopefully beat it!  I have to remind myself that life itself is a marathon not a sprint.  I spent most of the summer gradually adding on weight, its time to take it back off and maybe some more.  At the very least, yoga is helping me feel better inside and out.  That is worth more to me than you know.  xo



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