GL Gets Fit #163 {boats y’all}

If you're looking for health inspiration, funny quotes, and great fitness tips, Get Healthy U is the place for you!Happy Tuesday Loves!

The past week was nuts for me, so I only got 2 yoga practices in. 😦  I’m just going to keep moving forward tho.  Progress is progress – no matter how fast or slow it takes you to do something.

I’ve been working on getting back into my yoga groove for about a month and a half now.  I’m back to actually “craving” my time on the mat.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I really drag my feet to do it.  But then I always feel amazing and centered after.  

While this was a slow week, I wanted to share a feel good moment.  I’ll always be “thick” I think.  Even when I was training and lifting in high school I wasn’t a stick – although to be honest, I was 30-40 lbs lighter and I would LOVE to get back there in the next year or two.  I also know our metabolism changes quite a bit once we hit our mid-30’s and things are a bit more difficult than they were 10 years ago!  Just being real.  I digress…

The moment happened in a boat pose.  Boats have been my nemesis for EVER.  They are challenging because I have hardly any core muscles, and I have a tummy and a chest.  I’ve always been able to hold it if I hold my legs with my arms.  Last night – for a few times, I was able to briefly let go of my legs like the picture below.  Maybe hold it for 10 seconds at a time but 2 months ago I could barely get into the pose and hanging on for dear life to hold my legs up.  So while I didn’t lose any weight this week – I was able to hold a boat and to me, that’s better.  Its proof that I’m getting stronger day by day and that feels better than a silly number on a scale.

Here’s to another amazing week and hope that I get 3+ yoga practices in!  xo


The boat pose requires strong abs to hold yourself up, so focus on keeping your legs and back straight to avoid straining

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