Frugal Friday – No Spendtember Update

Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.

Hi Loves!  So since September ends tomorrow – I wanted to check in with a No-Spendtember Update.  I didn’t make it.

I did sort of set myself up to fail a tiny bit.  I had previously planned a girls afternoon with two of my best college friends at a winery.  After a brief tasting and lunch… I ended up buying 2 bottles of wine for the holidays. To be fair, I plan on sharing them with family at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, it was no spendtember.

I also was on a mission and snagged up a pair of cheap black flats for a professional event that I had.  To justify it, I didn’t have any solid black flats.  I had black and white herringbone flats but they weren’t going to work.  Anyway – part of my frugal Friday series is being strait up honest.  I didn’t make it.

However, rather than make this post all negative.  A little positivitiy.  I have put in more hours for my part time job than I think I ever have in the month September.   I also didn’t quit mystery shopping and have put in a bunch of shops in September.  While they were all online, thats extra $60ish that literally takes minutes on my lunch break.

Bottom line – September was going to be difficult from day one.  Considering I caved a bit, isn’t ideal but I resisted most days. 🙂  In the spirit of not giving up – I’m going to attempt another actual No-Buy month in October.  Starting Oct 1-31.  I can only buy groceries and gas.  Nothing for myself.  Wish me luck – the struggle is hard most of the time!

Have you tried No-Buy months?  What would be the hardest struggle for you?

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