GL Gets Fit #165 {negativity}

#yoga #quotes #inspiration

Hi Loves!  It has been a crazy few days.  Crazy as in working a lot, a dash of drama, and some crabbiness from coworkers.

Maybe its the introverted and anxious side of me, but when people are in a bad mood or just snotty, it tends to rub off on me.  I try very hard to put my walls up and keep the negativity out but some days its hard.  Like really hard.

Yesterday was one of those days.  Work drama, snottiness, crabbiness, and I knew that I desperately needed to do yoga to just get that out of my head.  Although another part of me wanted to just put on comfy clothes and veg out.

However, I didn’t give in.  I sorted out a few things and got into yoga clothes.  Going into the practice I was still mentally all over the place.  But after 35 minutes my mind was quiet and had gotten the negativity of everyone else out.  I’ve dived back in to 30 days of yoga that Adriene did a couple years ago.  It has been a wonderful adventure revisiting a 30 day yoga program that I had completed in the past.  I’m not able to commit to every day but I am following the days in order of completion.  I also wanted to get 3 days of yoga in last week and I got 4!  🙂  And one was 52 minutes!  I love being able to stretch and strengthen whenever I can.  Some moves are still near impossible but every now and then I see a glimpse of progress and I’m loving it.  I love being able to get a bit deeper into a move that 2 months ago I could barely hold.

To wrap up this week’s post – I proved to myself that when I’m in a bad mood, or find negativity flooding in, I NEED yoga.  I need that time to myself to just regroup, pause, reflect, and simply breathe.  I also lost .8 of a pound.  Its more than half and not quite a full pound so I’m just going to say .8!  I also ate some delicious food so to be fair, I’m just going to let it slide and smile at the progress I experienced.

Have a wonderful week loves! xo

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