GL Gets Fit #166 {not a quitter}


16 Quotes That Will Make You Go On & Never Give Up

Hi Loves!

This week was business.  I did yoga Tuesday night despite a brewing migraine and then the rest of the week… I wasn’t home or just exhausted.

The bad news is that I only did yoga once last week.  These weeks come up and I always think we have two choices.  Do I start fresh or stay lazy?  Duh! I hope to pick up yoga again today and keep the ball rolling this week. My goal is to do it at least 3 times, but hope to smash that goal.

Last week I was starting to see progress but then not feeling great, nights out, work, etc. sort of pushed yoga to the side until I could get a grip on things.  Even though I haven’t been doing yoga, I still find myself doing yoga moves throughout my day.  A forward fold to stretch.  A down dog to hit some muscles that need to wake up.  Or a simple spinal twist in my desk chair to uncrunch my back & shoulders.  Its funny how now I want to move, stretch, and uncrunch when I find myself tensing up.  Before yoga I would just stay crunched up and deal with it later.

Lastly – I gained a pound.  Its okay though.  I ate out 3 times last week.  I overdid it on some snacks, and thanks to hormones was craving sweets and salty snacks like chips.  When I’m tired and hormonal… I just give in.  I know I shouldn’t but I’ll work on that for next time! 🙂

Until next week – I hope you have a wonderful day!


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