GL Gets Fit #168 {rest required}

The struggle to rest is real. It IS my truth at the moment. My body needs a rest. But that part of my soul, she with such strength...Hi Loves!

Buckle in, its about to get real for a moment or two.  The last two weeks have been a roller coaster for my body.  Essentially I’ve struggled with pms since I was a teen.  Mood swings that leave me in a puddle of tears, or anger that has me on the edge of physical violence.  Cramps that can make me want to throw up or spend the entire week in bed.  Throw in a healthy mix of back pain and exhaustion and that was me.

After a certain period of time it just simply wears on you.  It wears you down.  So to combat this my Doctor has me take a mono-phase birth control that allows me to skip my period. For years.  Its been glorious. Before you lecture me, or comment with concerns there is scientific data to support the benefits of being on it for long periods of time. (Look it up if you’re interested.)  This summer after a fairly significant amount of stress I started having some issues with spotting.  You know I’m an anxious person, throw in a ton of drama and BAM… my hormones and body reacts.

I’m going to fast forward to the past two weeks.  I took a month (actually 34 days) off of the pill.  After the above drama I thought maybe a reset was in order.  I got two regular cycles and then went 6 weeks and got my period after I’d been back on the pill for a month and a half.  Ok, no big deal…right?  Wrong.  Terrible cramps and back pain, and a period that lasted 14 days.  Thats not normal for me.  A week long period sucks, the second week just took me down.  It left me exhausted, my cravings were off the charts, and I just felt bloated and gross.  I literally wanted to spend every free moment in bed with a heating pad and netflix.  So what do I do?  I worked more, picked up extra hours at the part time job, and just was running on fumes.  No joke – I went to sleep at 8:30pm Sunday night and slept until 7am Monday morning.

I did call my doctor after 11 days of having my period.  He gave me instructions on things he wanted me to do for 5 days and then call him back if I still had it.  Thank god, I’m 3 days off my period.  (So far….)

So last week I kind of mentioned that I had some health things going on.  That’s it.  I worked out once in the past week.  It was yesterday.  I did a restorative yoga practice for back pain.  It was short, sweet, and very gentle.  Today I hope to get back into it.  My tummy area still feels wonky but I think it might be recovering as well and getting things back in order.

I don’t often talk about things like this.  Its very personal and lately it seems birth control or reproductive health is a hot button topic for some.  All I’ll say is I’ve done my homework and I’ve made the decision that is best for me and my body. I’m not going to tell anyone else what to do with theirs.  Do your research, know how things work, then make an educated decision.

Lastly – on this lengthy post – if you’ve made it this far, thank you.  I gained about 2.5 pounds in the last week.  I knew it was coming.  I indulged in a lot of chocolate, carbs, cheese, and some wine at a friends party.  Its ok.  I’ll be ok.  And hopefully, I’m on the road to getting past this and on to resuming normal life again.

Thank you for allowing me to vent and share my experience.  Have a wonderful week loves.

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