GL Gets Fit #169 {Happy Halloween}

Did We Scare You?Happy Halloween Loves!

My younger self – would totally loved this picture.  Heck, I still love it!  🙂  I’m a sucker for kitties. (Well any animals really – except reptiles and insects!)

So this past week was interesting.  Once I got my body back on track I came down with a cold.  The kind of cold that leaves you feeling like a truck ran you over, then backed up, and ran you over again just to make sure you were down!  I was chilled, fighting a low grade fever, sneezing non-stop, sore throat… the works.  Sounds like everyone I work with is getting a version of this crap.

I was supposed to work Saturday and Sunday but Friday afternoon, I made the call to spend the weekend in bed.  If I worked, I risked passing the cold on to others, AND I’d have been a mess come Monday for my full time job.

I’m that weird person that has a hard time calling in sick.  Like, for my regular job, maybe once a year, if that, I’ll take a sick day.  However, I’m in my own office so passing a cold on to others is a bit harder.  In my part time job where I work directly with people, that could be a bad idea.  After a TON of sleep, and a lots of fluids, I feel like it might be a bit better.

Last night I did yoga for the first time since Wednesday.  In some forward folds, I literally felt the gunk in my head moving.  That is creepy and a disgusting feeling that had me hacking briefly.  None the less, it felt good to move.  I did a slow paced 35 minute practice that was gentle, steady, and glorious.  I even found my dreaded runners lunges easier.

So how did I do last week despite my body recovering and being sick in bed for 2 days?  I lost… 3.4lbs.  I’m hoping to chalk that up to my hormones getting back in check, as well as just not being hungry.  I ate, and I even cooked, but just tried not to eat a lot at night.  I’m also trying not to over-eat.  That’s always been a struggle for me.  Some foods are just sooooooooo good.

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween friends.  I’m hoping this finds you well and ready to kick off November with a BANG! 😀

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