GL Gets Fit #171 {small progress}

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Hi Loves!  Today’s post is about progress.  While I didn’t get all my workouts in that I wanted to, I still did my weekly weigh in, and this week its also time to measure up and see what’s happened in the last month.

So lets start with the low points of the week.  I’m still struggling a bit with balancing two jobs and volunteering.  Truth is – I love money! I know that could make me a horrible person, but its really hard to turn down work some days.  I struggle with every call to say “no” to some things.  But I did say NO last week, yay me!

I know there is a fine line between keeping everything balanced and working correctly. I’m working hard to figure out what the perfect balance is for me.  The other side to this is that weirdly the past two weeks my evenings have been all over the place.  From the side hustle, to events, this week I literally have Wednesday & Saturday evenings off.

I love getting my yoga fix in the evening when I get off work, but that is getting pushed aside.  The good thing is today (Tuesday) I’m free from 5:30 until 7:30-8pm, so I’m going to get my yoga in!!  Tomorrow I’m free after 5:30, but not Thursday or Friday.  Is the alternative to wake up earlier and do yoga in the mornings?  In theory yes, but not when I’m out later in the evening at things or work.  I still need sleep and rest, so I can avoid running myself down and getting sick again.  ACK!!  How do you balance everything?  When you’re never home!? (Thats where this saying “no” thing comes in.)  Oh, and I can’t work out over lunch because yuck, I don’t want to go to work sweaty, and secondly, I’ve been working on my lunch breaks doing mystery shops.  (Yay more money!)

I’ll figure it out, but for the moment, fitness and yoga has taken a back seat.  I know it should be a priority, I’m hoping to put it front and center again soon.

Lets talk about something positive before I wrap this up.  I am down exactly a pound, but only got one yoga session in.  As far as measurements go, I took them in my pj’s so that its the most “true” number.  No clothes helping hold me in, other than a bra.  Since Oct 16, I’ve lost 3.75″ and 1.25″ of that came off my hips!  I joke about having monster thighs, squats and I had a love hate relationship when I lifted.  But I lost an inch off of those too!  The others were down just half an inch and my calf stayed the same.  I’m keeping track with a workout buddy, we’re taking the same measurements so we can see how we’re doing.  (Otherwise I’d never measure my calf muscle!)

So while I’m still learning how to make everything work, I’m seeing progress and that is always a great thing for me.  If not on the scale, the tape measure was a pleasant surprise.  Maybe I’m not doing so bad after all.  Have a wonderful day loves!

Goals for this week –
Yoga 3x

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