GL Gets Fit #174 {nope…}

45+ Best Motivational Quotes You Have To Read To Make Your Life Better

Oh my goodness, it’s really December?!  I know we all say it, but I’m not sure how that’s possible! 🙂

This past week was nuts, I was busy every night with one thing or another and worked Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Last night I cleaned and cooked a big supper that will last the next couple days.

So the elephant in the room called yoga – that did not happen last week. 😦  Monday I did a 50 minute session, but I count that as the prior week since I write these posts on Tuesdays.  However today’s quote reminded me that while I can’t always “make” time to get my yoga fix, I can control what I eat.  Walk a bit more instead of sit all day long, stretch, move, etc.  Lately it seems that I can only get yoga done in the early morning like at 6am… if you know me… you know I hit snooze until 7:15! 😀 And I work at 8am!

I gained half a pound but – I can deal.  I’m going to control my snacking and urges to eat chocolate when I’m tired or stressed this week.  I’m also going to still shoot for 3 days of yoga.  Although tonight (Tues), Thurs, Sat evenings are already booked.  That leaves me Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, & Monday to figure it out! Wish me luck!!

Have a wonderful week! xo

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