GL Gets Fit #176 {Merry Christmas!}

and to all a good nite!  Wishing everyone a peaceful, joyful, healthy and Happy New Years!

Merry Christmas to my amazing blog family!  I know it’s a bit early but my next post will be after Christmas! 🙂

My Christmas wish for you is happiness and peace.

Last night I finished wrapping presents and watching the movie Elf.  It was just what I needed.  The past week – I did get two yoga days in and two days with a lot of walking and moving.

Since its Christmas week, I’m just going to work on being mindful about what I’m eating, doing, and drinking.  I’ll also practice resistance… 🙂  I’m going to set an intention to get 3 days of yoga in again.  This week, it might be attainable. (Theoretically)

Before we know it, 2018 will be knocking on the door.  Are you ready?  Ready or not, next week’s post will tell you some things I’d like to do in 2018.  I don’t really believe in resolutions any more.  I think they’re kind of silly and I usually end up breaking them anyway.  I’m going to view them as my intentions of 2018.  I’ll tell you about those next week!  I also think I might be jumping on my annual 30 day yoga challenge for January and start the year off strong.

Oh, and lastly – since last week I am down 2.4lbs.  It was a bit of a feel good moment this morning.  I’m also working on my stress levels and just trying to keep moving forward in a positive attitude.  It is Christmas week after all!

Happy Holidays Loves! xo

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