GL Gets Fit #177 {Happy 2018}



Hi loves!!

It’s the last week of 2017!  Sorry this post is a couple days late, I was traveling on Tuesday the 26th, and didn’t get one written on Christmas day.

2017 was full of a lot of tests for me.  At times, I was near my breaking point but I didn’t.  In fact, I surprised myself a couple of times.  I was also forced to face some of my fears and in my opinion I knocked 2017 out of the park.

I also started a new part time job that turned out to be something I enjoy a lot more than I ever knew I would.

As we’re wrapping up 2017, and my final weigh in of the year, I gained.  But it’s my own problem.  I was stressed about several things things, worked a ton, and indulged on delicious treats.  It’s ok but I did gain 3 pounds, and to be perfectly clear I weigh 5 pounds more than I did this time last year.  Is that a deal breaker?  Nah… but it is motivation.

My 2018 Intentions:

Starting January 1, I’m doing my annual 30 days of yoga challenge with Yoga with Adrienne.

I’m also going to set a goal to read 6 books in 2017.  I’d love 12, but I’m starting small.  My books might be a story, leadership, business, or money, but I want to knock 6 off my books to read pile!  Yes, I have a pile… 🙂  I love books.

I’d also like to lose 20 pounds, that would get me in the neighborhood of my senior year in high school.  Thirty pounds would put me at my junior year.  How cool would that be?! 🙂  Mostly – I’m still mostly focused about being healthier and smarter.  Pounds are cool, but it’s not everything if it’s not attainable.

Oh, and lastly.  This might be the biggest intention.  I’d like to pay off some of my credit cards.  Like seriously – pay. off.  Not close them, just let them set until I need them.  I’d love to move a step closer to being debt free in 2018.

That’s my plan for the next year – what is yours?

Until 2018 – have a wonderful, safe, and warm New Years Eve! xo


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