GL Gets Fit #179 {determination}

This pretty much sums up my 2009-2016 but sometimes you have to do what has to be done. #TransparenTEEblogs #inspiregrowloveHi Loves!

First and foremost, I have done yoga every day so far in January!!!  (This is a huge feat for me, usually something comes up that will derail me.)  I set an intention to just roll with things and let them be.  

This past week has been interesting.  I found myself having to decide if I was going to wake up early one day and do yoga before work as my evening was planned, or if I took the day off.  In the past, I would have taken the day off.  This year, I woke up early and knocked it out.  Now, I must also say that I hit a sleepy wall in the late afternoon but I also didn’t have to worry about yoga late at night when I got home.  Last night – a situation arose where I had a last minute thing come up.  I adjusted times and still met my yoga goal for the day.

Last night was also the first time in… months where I could see progress in my yoga.  I am not a fan of sun salutations.  In fact, I kind of despise them.  They include lots of planks and going up and down.  A sort of slower moving set of burpees.  I’ll put a graphic below, but I cycled thru those moves for at least 15 minutes.  Each move was also held for a breath and then flow into the next, so its moving at a good pace.

First happy moment, doing full planks, not planks of my knees.  Second happy moment, I didn’t quit.  I didn’t even pause.  It might not have been pretty but I did it. Third happy moment – I held chair pose for 8 seconds at the end of my salutations and didn’t fall.  I held it.  Last happy moment, tree pose.  Tree pose has always been one of my favorites.  Why?  Because when I started yoga a few years ago, that was a very basic pose that I had trouble holding.  It was a glorious day when I could hold it.  Now whenever its part of a practice I love it.  I love seeing where I’m at.  Can I hold it?  How long?  Can I lift my arms up?

Now all that said, my weight dropped a smidge.  Like a quarter of a pound, so really its basically the same as last week.  However, I’m feeling better.  I’m sleeping better.  And I love getting back in to poses that a month ago I struggled with.

I hope this finds you all well and ready for another week!  Here’s to hoping its a fantastic one!  Be sure to check out sun salutations below, there are a million variations it seems but this is most like what I was doing last night on repeat.  I’m also including tree pose, its a balancing posture.  Let me know if you try them or what your favorite pose is.

Until next week – xo


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