GL Gets Fit #180 {stronger}

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Currently – I have done 15 days straight of yoga!!  I am also going to cross the halfway make of the 30 days of yoga challenge today!

In the past I’ve set goals to complete the challenge and usually end up missing a day or two here and there.  This year, I’ve decided to try and make things work and stay on track. I really want to complete the challenge and say that I did yoga every single day.  I think besides the wonderful feeling I get from yoga – I want to prove to myself that I can do it and stick it out!

This past week yoga has been a little more intense and strengthening.  I’m finding myself struggling here and there but trying to pause and keep going.  I can feel myself getting stronger which is a wonderful feeling to have again.  I’m also seeing that once things sort of click in to place, some moves that were hard for me are now easier.

Last night’s practice was meditative and wonderfully satisfying.  I did some simple stretching moves but focused more on breathing and just relaxing.  It was a departure from the sweaty shaky moves that had me struggling just a day before!  Today starts another new week for me and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Adriene has in store for us.

In the last week I’ve lost a smidge over 2 pounds.  Since I ate a heavy meal last night – I’m totally okay with that!  I’m finding that if I want to continue down this journey and see myself getting stronger, I need to find balance.  If that means working hard to get a day of yoga in, then thats just the way it has to be!

Until next week loves – have a great day!

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