GL Gets Fit #181 {bows}

Indeed.    Secondary to my fitness goal, and primary to my mental serenity goal, is to return to my yoga studio and resume my practice.   This is going to take more injury and illness recovery before I can do more than restorative yoga at the moment - but I will get back there.Hi Loves!

I’m coming at you later than normal, the blizzard made for a crazy couple days.  First off, as of the 23rd of January, I have done yoga EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!  This is huge.  I might be doing it later tonight but I still got it in!

This week I hit a big accomplishment.  A couple years ago I saw a picture of bow pose.  I thought that looks easy, HA!  I couldn’t even come close to reaching my feet.  This week I held it!  Then I relaxed and I tried it again…and I held that too!  Then I did a few more just to be sure that I could actually do it! 🙂  I’ll put a picture of bow pose below so you can see what I was able to do.  I did take a picture of my bow pose, just to prove to myself that I could do it – but that won’t make the internet! 😀

I am loving this year’s 30 day yoga challenge.  Some days are harder than others, but each day I find myself getting stronger and some moves are just a little easier to get into than they were before.  I’m also finding more peace in my daily routine and that is wonderful.  My anxiety is lower than its been in a long time.

However – some of you know I get a lot of anxiety around winter storms and blizzards.  Due to a couple accidents in my past, Sunday and half of Monday had me on edge.  I didn’t have to travel but it just makes me antsy and uneasy.  I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep.  A couple days of yoga later at night helped ease my mind and sort of hit mute on that anxiety.

I did gain half a pound this week. However my weigh in was a day after being snowed in for two days in a blizzard where I was bouncing off the walls.  I’m just focusing on getting my yoga fix in every day and keeping up with everything else.  I can’t believe next week I’ll be wrapping up my yoga challenge!

Have a wonderful week everyone and stay warm!



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