GL Gets Fit #182 {don’t stop now}

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Hi Loves!

The past week has been a challenging one that found me digging my car out after a pretty big snow storm and a few late nights that had me doing yoga when I’d normally be sleeping!  But… I didn’t quit.

Every year I’ve given myself a little ease, the option to skip one day a week.  Sometimes its a challenge to get it in.  However, this year, I wanted to see if I could commit to doing yoga every single day in January.  As of today January 30 – I haven’t missed a day and I don’t plan on stopping with only 2 days left.

The flows have been short, some more intense than others, but satisfying.  I realized this weekend I’m fighting a bit of an infection – the first in about a year and a half, but I’m still going to finish strong and take the meds! 🙂   This yoga adventure has been interesting, and January 2018 is starting off nicer than I thought (despite being snowed in for a day and a half!).

February I’m traveling one weekend so that might be hard but I’d like to keep up doing yoga.  I’m finding that my mind is more at ease when I get my yoga fix in.  Thats important to me.  I also found courage to stand up for myself on a couple things in January and that is equally as important to me.  Cheesy as it may be – yoga makes me a better person. It works for me.  Its not for everyone – but this journey has always been about finding what works for me.

So I dropped a teeny tiny bit but for the sake of the post, I’m going to say it pretty much stayed the same.  I feel myself getting stronger again, and to me, thats better than any silly number on a scale.

Until next week’s wrap up of the YWA-True 30 day challenge, have a wonderful week.


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