GL Gets Fit #183 {true}


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Hi Loves!

I did it!  I did yoga for 31 days.  It was challenging but really rewarding at the end.  I realized that I could in fact do yoga every day in January if I wanted, and I did.

So how has February kicked off? Well… I haven’t done a day of yoga yet.  However, I haven’t been totally lazy.  I spent the weekend working on home things like cleaning, putting things away, and organizing and sorting through some messes! It was very satisfying! 🙂

So after 31 days of yoga – I realized a couple things.  After now taking 5 days off of yoga I realize that my body misses it.  Which I knew would happen so last night, I spent a few minutes working through some yoga poses.  It felt really nice to just stretch out and uncrunch.  I’m hoping to pick up yoga Wednesday & Thursday.  This weekend I’ll be traveling so I might stretch here and there but nothing serious.  Yoga also worked at calming my mind.  I noticed this when yesterday I found myself in an anxious situation and started to feel my mind & body react.  I knew at that point, I needed yoga.

Mentally – I know that I need to do some sort of exercise.  Yoga helps me sort of…”process” information.  Without overthinking too many things and focusing on there here and now.  Not the what if’s or should have beens.  To me that is more important than pounds or inches.  Dropping weight or inches is just a bonus.  If my head isn’t in the game, its not worth it.

I’m still working really hard on 2018 being the year of “meant to be”.  If it’s supposed to happen, it will.  You likely know I’m a control freak, so you understand how hard this is for me! However, I’m going to continue my yoga journey and keep working on letting things be as they are.  Leaving the odds to karma and not trying to control every aspect or person in my life.

Lastly – after 31 days of yoga and 5 days off of yoga – I’ve lost 2.4 pounds.  It was a nice surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning.  I’ll take it and hope to maintain my numbers since I’m traveling and will be eating out and having drinks.

Until next week loves – have a wonderful day. xo


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