GL Gets Fit #184 {anxious}

I have a lot of burning to Yogi Therese

Hi Loves!

I feel like every time I finish a yoga challenge I find myself saying this.  I’ve now taken nearly 2 weeks off of yoga and my anxiety is back.

Weird how that works huh?! 🙂  To be honest, I knew this would happen.  That’s why now that things are kind of slowing down a bit I plan to jump back into yoga.  Short sessions, longer ones, a mix of everything.  I need that daily meditation to just keep things in check.

So this will be a short post- I worked late every night last week and then left town Friday afternoon thru Sunday evening.  That being said, I ate a bunch of snack foods on the road and a handful of meals out.  However, I also did quite a bit of walking. 🙂

This week I gained a pound. But considering everything – I’m ok with that.  Also starting Thursday – I want to get back into my yoga groove daily.  Even if its a short session, something is better than nothing!

Until next week friends – Happy Valentine’s Day.  xo

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