GL Gets Fit #185 {no yoga}

Getting our priorities straight + leading a meaningful life.Hi Loves!

It seems every few months I find myself struggling for balance.  Trying to do it all, and giving everything the same amount of dedication that I always have while adding a new element to the mix.  Then I realize that things are no longer in balance.  Something is off.

I think since I got back from traveling a couple weeks ago I’ve been in sort of a free fall. I didn’t even realize today’s date until a text reminder told me to weigh in and that its the 20th of the month.  Where the heck did 20 days go?! 🙂

Balance has always been a struggle for me.  I tend to think I can do it all, I want to do it all, and yet feel if I let something slip, I’ve failed.  I know that’s not realistic.  No one can juggle everything successfully without some sort of balance.

This weekend found me trying to find a balance.  I tried to figure out how to accomplish everything on my check list and then some.  I got pretty much all of my list done, but still have a few things to finish up.  However, those things are in the final stages so I’m happy with that.  The bad news is I didn’t touch yoga.  Also a part of my cyclical spiral out of balance.

After this week – I’m really hoping life will return to normal!  Normal work schedule and no appointments or meetings during the day that have me rearranging my schedule.  Just a typical, average week. And a week where I can find time for my yoga fix!

Do you ever struggle with balancing everything?  How do you handle it?

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