GL Gets Fit #186 {start again}

I whole heartedly believe that every moment is a chance to start over, but there's something about a new month beginning that feels like a refreshing, clean slate! ☀️ I have so many AMAZING things planned this month for my family, my business, and personal life!! Cannot wait to enjoy every bit and beyond grateful to be at this place in life!Hi Loves,

Can you believe February is nearly over?!  I cannot!  I went from doing 31 days of yoga to taking the entire month of February off.  In hindsight, I can tell some things are different for me.  My anxiety is a bit higher, my muscles are a bit tighter and tenser in my neck and shoulders, and I’ve been waking up with headaches.

 Will yoga fix that?  Not all of it, but it certainly helps me.  Yoga helps me uncrunch and stretch those super tense muscles.  I’m also on edge with some personal issues stressing me out, but I’ll work thru them!  Yoga allows me to sort of hit pause on stress like that and just zone out for a bit.

March is a chance to hit reset.  A chance to start again.  I love yoga, and while I knew I’d be traveling in February, March has me home every single day (at some point!). So it only seems fitting to set an intention to do 31 days of yoga again.  I’m not sure if I’ll pick up another one of Adriene’s 30 day plans from the past or just do yoga for 31 days and pick a different practice each time.

I was shocked, I’m down a little over a pound from last week.  I’ll take it!  I’ve always been an emotional eater and this past week has had me reaching for sweets like no other!

Have a great week loves – here’s hoping in next weeks post I’m telling you about 5 days of yoga!

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