GL Gets Fit #187 {slow start}

For more fitness motivation: In-Pursuit-of-FitnessFor healthy...Hi Loves!

Are you staying warm?! 🙂  Its a bit blizzardy here today!

So I have to confess, in the 5 days of March so far… I’ve only done yoga twice.  However, I plan on doing it tonight and every other night this week.

I am drawn to longer practices and forget how scattered my head gets after taking a break from yoga.  Its hard to focus on the present moment some times, but I’m working on it.  I think its more important to keep going and and no focus on quiting or giving up.

I had a rough week, a healthy dose of drama, a couple restless nights, and eating out.  That said, I gained exactly 3lbs but hey – its ok. I’m human and I knew that my luck would run out! 🙂  I’ve been on a hormonal  roller coaster thanks to my body and I’ve been reaching for sweet and savory items quite often.

I also joined a health program that accompanies my health insurance plan through work.  It comes with weekly check ins, loads of information, and seems to be a fun program.  I’ll let you know how that goes as well, right now, I’m in the intro week.

Until next week have a great day! My goal for this week is to complete 3 days of yoga that are at least 30 minutes long.

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