GL Gets Fit #189 {a meltdown & a metamorphosis}

What a great message this is. We all need a fresh start (or starts) at some point in our lives. This quote says it so well. Black and gold tone lettering. ◆ Purchase is for print only (frame is NOT inHello my loves,

This post is a little different for me, as part of it relates to a topic I don’t think I’ve discussed on my blog before.

My heart is sad.. I wouldn’t say this is heartbreak, this is more like heart…hurt. Some things came up over the weekend and unfortunately a brief but for the most part lovely 6 week relationship(?) ended.  Is it a relationship if its only 6 weeks?!  In the beginning it was delightful and glorious… I think of it as the honeymoon period.  You’re both trying to impress the other, make things perfect, etc.  Around week 4 we start to morph back into who we really are.  By week 6…I think we both needed more than the other was able to give.

When you’re dating in your mid-30s… (I’m 34.) the dating game is a bit different.  At this point, most people have been married and divorced, most have families, and most have settled into their path in life.  They’ve also learned to survive, either on their own quite well, or searching for the next person to make their lives whole.  If you know me personally, you know that I can rock being independent. I’ve learned that I don’t want someone to fill a void, but rather stand beside me.  I had that a couple years ago, some of you know that story, and might be surprised to know that there’s still something there between us.

Let me clarify something briefly – I was encouraged by the person in the past to try dating someone.  Clearly – that didn’t work, but it was a nice distraction and it ended up teaching me some things about myself.  However, its bittersweet, because for every really nice, warm and fuzzy moment, there were a couple that left me feeling off.  That is a red flag.  If something doesn’t work for you – you’ve got to speak up, and sometimes, you’ve got to move on.  Today sucks, yesterday sucked.  Tomorrow will likely suck! There’s a void, but I know that I did the right thing.  (Yes. I ended it.)  That concludes the meltdown phase of this post. 🙂  Lets talk metamorphosis.

Last week I set an intention to do yoga for 4 days.  That my friends did not happen.  I did get two days of yoga in but that was it.  I was also overwhelmed and from past posts you might remember that I tend to eat my feelings. (Pizza, Mexican, firemens breakfast, chocolate)  It was a good food week but dang… I gained 2 pounds.

This week I’m going to focus on 3 days of yoga and walking at least 5,000 steps a day for 6 days.  I’m also getting a box of goodies today from my wellness program through my health insurance.  I can’t wait to dig into that and see whats next for me.  I plan on jumping into their program and following their guidelines and workout plan.  I even printed off their calendar and plan on crossing each day off, just like I did with my 30 days of yoga challenges.

So lets hope that my post next week is starting me off on a new journey.  Have a wonderful day. xo


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