GL Gets Fit #190 {down but not out}




Happy Tuesday Loves!

Last week took a pretty fast nose dive after my post went up.  A scratchy throat turned into a terrible sore throat.  That turned into losing my voice.  That morphed into the flu the next day.  I hate sick days – we’ve discussed this.  But nearly getting sick in the work bathroom, is my breaking point! I threw in the towel and went home.

When you’re sick, some times there is nothing as comforting as having your mom! 🙂  I tried to convince mine to come visit, but she had to work and lives a couple hours away.  This week’s quote felt very much like me!

So after my weigh in, and having the flu, I thought I’d weigh in Friday morning.  For kicks, and maybe an indicator of how my body was doing.  I lost 4.5lbs.  Guess not eating and barely drinking for 3 days will do that to you!  However I can assure you that most of it was likely water as I was pretty dehydrated with nasty fever symptoms for most of it.

Yesterday – Monday, I got back into the groove and did my first workout since last Monday.  I’m trying the videos that came with the fitness program that I told you about.  Its kind of a low-impact HIIT workout.  You do 30 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds off, and do 3 circuits with a brief warm up and cool down.  I actually enjoyed it.  The plan has me doing workouts this week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

I’m looking forward to working out this week again and getting back into my groove.  The past week was intense and I’m ready to move past it! Maybe it was the boxing moves last night that also helped me feel better?! 🙂

For my official weigh in this week – I lost 3 pounds since last week.  I’m feeling good about things and I’m ready to kick some ass this week!

Have a wonderful day loves!

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