GL Gets Fit #191 {3 for 3}

"Sore today. Strong tomorrow."Happy Tuesday Loves!

Last week I started the real appeal workout journey.  I was to do 4 days of working out – but the 4th day was Saturday and I was out of town, so I did skip it.  However, I did three of them on schedule.

It was really great and I got my sweat on.  I also liked the HIIT style they have.  However, this week I’m starting a new program.  (I know… I just started one!)

One of my best friends has been asking me to start DDP Yoga with him.  He did it once already and was looking for a friend to help keep him accountable for another 13 week round of it.  He knows my love for yoga – so he sent me the DVD’s.  This week I’m going to do 3 days of DDP Yoga. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)  I did the first round of it last night.  Its like yoga but caffeinated!  It gets your heart pumping just as good as my real appeal workouts last week.  I am committed to doing this 13 week journey of DDP Yoga and then we’ll see how things go.  Both workouts (Real Appeal & DDPY) were great at getting me moving and even hitting some muscles that haven’t worked hard in a long.  However, I think it’ll be good for me to have an accountability buddy.

I’m still sticking with real appeal for their weekly check-ins, weigh ins, and help to get me eating better and taking care of myself.  Last week I decided to increase my water intake.  My pure water intake.  For the past few years I’ve been adding crystal light energy mix to my water bottles.  (It was sort of a happy medium between pop and water.)  A fruity drink with a bump of caffeine.  Last week – I didn’t do it at all.  I just had plain water out of a big water glass every day and another glass when I was working out.  I find myself not hating boring water as much as I did, and actually want to drink more water.  (I’m a bit shocked myself at typing that!)

This week – I’m going to add some more veggies to my diet.  You know that I kid and say I’m allergic to vegetables, but seriously, I don’t like them!  My goal is to slowly add a bit more every day.  I picked up some frozen brown rice & veggie mixes, and I’m eating my way thru a head of celery. I know celery probably isn’t the best, but its one that I like, so I’m going to count that for now! 🙂  I’m trying to get away from my favorite snacks like chips or even chocolate.

Oh and I did gain half a pound since last week.  I had a delightful Easter weekend and I’m ok with the gain.  I didn’t put on a ton of weight in a week – and its not going to come off that easily.  So I’m taking baby steps towards being healthier and eating better.

Have a wonderful week friends! xo




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