GL Gets Fit #192 {emotional eating}

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Hi Loves!

So a while back I mentioned that I joined this health program through my health insurance, but I’m also doing DDP Yoga.  So I swapped the fitness side with of the health program with DDP yoga, but I’m keeping on track with the weekly meetings and check ins.

In the past week the topic was emotional eating.  Guilty.  I always have been.  Actually I used to prefer retail therapy when I was stressed and that lead to a whole other mess!  I cut back on shopping but then find myself reaching for something sweet like chocolate or something salty.  I’ll eat it, then later on, think… really?! Was that necessary?!

I’m trying to pay more attention to eating when I’m hungry so I don’t starve myself and then over do it when I do have time to eat. I’m also working on having better snacks like fruit instead of chocolate.  And, great news! I’m on my third week of drinking a bigger bottle (22 oz.) of straight water every day – nothing added like my favorite crystal light energy.  I also drink another water bottle in the evenings after I work out that is 20 oz.  I’m not a fan of plain water but I’m working through it and know the benefits are more important than not drinking it.

I’m also working on sipping water when I have a craving.  If I finish my water and I’m still hungry, then I’ll cave and eat something.  Well most the time… its a process! 🙂

I just crossed into the week 3 mark of DDP Yoga’s 13 week plan.  I’m actually enjoying it.  I sweat a lot more, but I can feel myself getting a bit stronger day by day.  I know it’ll get harder, but I’m just taking it one step at a time.

Lastly – my weight stayed exactly the same.  However, I ate spaghetti and ate out a couple times, so I’m ok with it.  I’m human, and strict dieting has never been my focus.  I’d rather get healthier and more comfortable with my body before I jump into a regimented diet. (If I ever do.)

Have a wonderful week loves!

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