GL Gets Fit #193 {week 3 complete}

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Hi Loves!

I did it!  I’ve now crossed into week 4 of DDP Yoga and haven’t missed a workout yet.  It is only three days a week at the moment but life has been making me want to skip a day here and there!

In looking at my schedule, I get to add a new workout into the mix on Friday night.  That sounds like it could be a rough one but I’m ready to try it and see whats in store!

I had a wonderful weekend with family and it was just what the doctor ordered.  My anxiety was a bit off the charts Friday night, however by the time I realized what was happening I was in a full on meltdown mode.  I did manage to distract myself by doing my yoga Friday night but as soon as it was done I was feeling the after effects of an anxiety attack.  The biggest lesson for me is to be more proactive when I feel one coming on.  Typically I keep it to myself and let it continue to grow into something more serious.

The good news, or perhaps silver lining to the meltdowns. I’m seeing a pattern, and can identify triggers better.  While there isn’t a quick fix, I’m starting to see how they work and when they’ll hit me.  Sort of like migraines.  I know most of my triggers at this point in my life and can try to work around them.

So after all that, I’m happy to say that week three of DDP yoga is in the books and last night completed the first workout of week four!  I’m feeling myself get a bit stronger each time.  That is one of my most favorite things to come from getting into a new program.  Strength!  Its a good reminder that we’re stronger than we think, both mentally and physically.

This week’s weigh in has me about a quarter of a pound less than last week.  I did eat some heavier food this weekend but its also a reminder that I need to start focusing on eating better again since my weight has been pretty much the same for 3 weeks.  The cravings are still hard for me, but I’m working on maintaining my water intake and trying to cut back on sweets.

I hope you have a great week loves! 🙂

Stay tuned for some new content that is more lifestyle based, I can’t wait to share some things with you!



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